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Tropland Universe

Joosh's Juice Bar: The Banana Berry Adventure

Joosh's Juice Bar: The Banana Berry Adventure

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The Blue Banana Berry Adventure is the colorful tale of a discovery with unintended consequences! When Joosh's Juice Bar runs out of strawberries, he sends his children and friends on a journey through Tropland Rainforest to get some. On their way, they stumble upon a mysterious new berry. It tastes great, but what will happen when they use it to make a new juice? Told in rhyme, The Blue Banana Berry Adventure's clever storytelling and vibrant illustrations remind us to make safe, healthy choices when it's time to eat (or drink!)"Joosh‘s Juice Bar" is a healthy children’s storybook series that centers around a family who run a juice bar in Tropland Rainforest. Each book has beautiful art, fun rhymes, a menagerie of lovable characters and healthy themes that instill compassion, respect and healthy eating habits to kids!

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