In an age where the fusion of art and technology creates new realms of exploration, Tropland Universe contributes to the evolving landscape of innovation. Tropland Forest was introduced in the first book of the healthy children's book trilogy 'Joosh's Juice Bar' in 2013 and has since evolved into a multifaceted media franchise. Josh Gottsegen, the creator of Tropland Universe, has expanded into modern AI art, captivating over 400,000 Instagram followers (@troplanduniverse) with a digital animal kingdom that brings unique, heart-warming moments to life.

Josh is a passionate and experienced storyteller with a background in marketing and is the founder of the creative agency OneLight Studios. His fascination with animated shows and animal-led characters has influenced his distinctive storytelling style. The franchise also features 'The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot,' a fantasy novel published in 2020.

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