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Tropland Universe

Joosh's Juice Bar: The Tropland Tee-Off

Joosh's Juice Bar: The Tropland Tee-Off

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Join Joosh and his son, Mo, in their excitement and adventure as they play in the Tropland Rainforest disc golf tournament! With Holly, Kwamee and Coco cheering them on, they face off against a number of animals including Janson the gorilla and his young son, Wally. Will fruits, vegetables and water help Joosh and Mo feel good enough to win? Or will Don Ribbit's secret ingredient help Wally and Janson win the the first place trophy? The Tropland Tee-Off is the second book in the Joosh's Juice Bar series. Each page is filled with colorful art and healthy themes written from the heart. The series is written entirely in rhyme, for you and your kids to enjoy a hundred times!

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